FRIATEC AG is a specialist company for products made of non-corroding and wear-resistant materials. We develop innovative solutions for the global market in dialogue with our customers.

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Technical Plastics

As a pioneer and innovation leader in electrofusion applications, we focus on jointing technology for pipe systems.
NEW: FRIALEN XL - large pipe technique up to d 1200 mm.

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Building Services

Spare parts service for piping systems FRIATHERM, FRIAPHON
and for toilet and urinal pre-wall installation.

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FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT High-performance Ceramics

FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT high-performance ceramics are integral part i.e. of X-ray image intensifiers, pressure sensor diaphragms, bottling plants, oxygen sensors, and high-pressure pumps.

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FRIDURIT Laboratory Technology

Under the FRIDURIT brand, laboratory benchtops and sinks made of technical ceramics as well as fume scrubbers and neutralisation units are developed, produced and marketed.

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